EasyChair for Workshops

Several organizational tasks, including the generation of workshop webpages, generation of the programme and the USB proceedings, will be carried out through EasyChair. Therefore FLoC workshop organisers are required to have an EasyChair setup for their workshop. This also applies, for instance, if the workshop is not based on paper submissions and only features invited talks. 

Workshop Proceedings

All FLoC 2018 participants will receive a USB flash drive with all the conference proceedings. We encourage all workshops to have their proceedings added to the USB flash drive. Workshops can also have online proceedings, for example on http://www.entcs.org/ or http://www.eptcs.org/. FLoC will not be involved with such proceedings. 

Important Dates

Workshop proposal deadline                  19 June 2017
Workshop proposal notification              31 July 2017
Workshops announced                             30 September 2017
Workshops call for papers announced  15 February 2018
Workshops call for papers deadline       15 April 2018
Workshops notification deadline            15 May 2018
Workshops programme agreed              15 May 2018
USB content camera-ready                      31 May 2018 

Workshop Dinners

The following workshop dinners will be organised by FLoC, which participants can sign up for and pay for during registration:

Pre-FLoC Workshops: July 7 (Balliol College)
Mid-FLoC Workshops: July 13 (Keble College)
Post-FLoC Workshops: July 18 (Magdalen College)

Note that these venues have limited capacity and the dinners are expected to sell out quickly.  Start time TBC, probably 7:00 pm.

Registration Policy

The following principles apply to all the participants of events of FLoC 2018, including workshop organisers and invited workshop speakers.

  1. At least one author of an accepted workshop paper must be registered for the workshop.
  2. A person registered for a FLoC event (conference or workshop) can attend any parallel FLoC event on the same day.
  3. A person attending a FLoC event is expected to be registered for that event or for a parallel FLoC event on the same day.
  4. A speaker at a FLoC event is expected to be registered at all days of this event, or other FLoC events on all days of this event.
  5. Participation in event-specific social activities is limited to those who are registered for that event.

Daily Schedule

Each workshop day has the same form and consists of two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions:

08:30 Setup (help desk available)
09:00 Session 1 (90 mins)
10:30 Coffee (30 mins)
11:00 Session 2 (90 mins)
12:30 Lunch (90 mins)
14:00 Session 3 (90 mins
15:30 Coffee (30 mins)
16:00 Session 4 (90 mins)

It is up to the workshop organizers to decide how a session is structured. Time and duration of coffee and lunch breaks are fixed and apply to all workshops.